Here is Something Simple You Can Do For Each Other

Purchase the Smart About Relationships package to get your Smart About Relationships refrigerator magnet or window cling based on Just Your Type by Paul Tieger.

Using technology and the best of psychology and behavior science to help people improve what studies tell us is the most important factor in our happiness: the relationships in our lives.  And what better place to start than with what many consider the most critical keystone to lifelong happiness, our romantic relationships.


Natalie - Sam

 What to Expect:

    • This will help you make your romantic relationship go more smoothly

    • You’ll see the ways to make your relationships a little more “magnetic.”

    • So insightful it will feel like a live-in psychologist wrote the description for you and your partner

    • Specific tips for each of you

    • Small incremental changes can have a big effect over time

What is it Based On?

  • Uses multiple models, the best we can apply, from Jungian psychological types to the 5 Love Languages

  • We leverage the insights from the best selling book Just Your Type by Paul Tieger, as seen on New York Times.

  • We use proven best fit analysis to determine your psychological type, not just questions and one result.

 Why This Works

  • Helps you make small changes “nudges”, one of the best ways documented to change behavior

  • Grows with you, as your understand yourself and each other better the suggestions and tips adjust

  • Works with relationships that are just starting and dating to 40+ years marriages